6 Nations News!

Posted: May 28, 2019, 14:02 p.m.


Our hardworking staff worked together to suppy 100% of the staff for both 6 Nations Games - see what was involved below!


  • CSI supplied 90 staff minimum for both 6 Nations games at The Principality Stadium. A mixture of skills, including supervisors, cellar porters and bar staff.


  • After our staff had completed their shift at the stadium, they were heading out to work in city centre bars, collecting glasses until 6:00am in some cases!


  • Massive organisation goes into a stadium event. Of course we have to fill all vacancies at the event and aim for extra staff, to cover other suppliers’ shortages, updating the stadium at regular intervals beforehand. We must also allocate the staff to suitable positions (each has a different check-in time and uniform requirement), ensure they are following the correct procedures for their positions and meet them on site for check-in at the desired gate (giving up a personal rest day to do so).


  • Prior to the 6 Nations we have a meeting with the stadium and at each check-in we must report to the operations manager regarding our booking figures for that day.


  • Work cards are collected from the stadium to provide to the staff 24-hours prior to the game, and then collected from the staff, recording hours worked at the end of the game.


  • For the 6 Nations we desired a 100 person strong hospitality team, as we did not want to risk being short staffed for such important games; this involved a massive recruitment drive. We attended job fairs, held a stand at Cardiff University, asked flexi workers to invite their friends with experience, held open days in the office for appointment free registration and pumped out advertising.


  • We provided 100% (and extra staff) for both 6 Nations games and received fantastic feedback from the stadium for our support before, during and after each event!


  • In addition the local bars we helped were grateful and continue to use us for any large event days held in Cardiff.