Y.E.S UGANDA – Youth Encouragement Services

CSI shall donate 2% of our placement fee to Y.E.S Uganda upon successful completion of trial for each and every permanent candidate.

The Y.E.S Childcare Program is dedicated to helping orphans & vulnerable children and operates within the Western Region of Uganda, Africa, mainly in the districts of Kabarole and Kyenjojo. 

‘As the most forgotten segment in societies around the world, the obstacles orphans face in developing nations, like Uganda are deeply appalling. These children have no home, education or healthcare and most importantly no family to love and nurture them. In a nation such as Uganda, where the ravages of AIDS and the conflicts of war have decimated families, one finds a significant proportion of the youth orphaned. In fact, about two million Ugandan children (almost 20 per cent of all children nationally) are orphans who have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS. The vast quantity of orphaned children presents a major humanitarian crisis.’

Y.E.S Uganda has been working with vulnerable children since 1996. The organisations aim is to assist children without parents or with sick parents - AIDS orphans, ‘street’ children, and war orphans.

Y.E.S opens up educational and training opportunities for children and is hands-on proactive with health issues and welfare improvement.

The project is totally reliant upon donations and volunteers. With your generous support we can continue to help poor children grow up to be healthy, educated individuals who contribute to their communities.

Regular donations are required to fund the following non-exhaustive list of expenses;

·       School fees (plus uniforms & materials)

·       Medicine (particularly for HIV+ children)

·       Housing (repair and construction)

·       Clothing

·       Food & nutrition

·       Vocational Courses

‘Over 1000 children have graduated to become skilled and valued members of their communities.’

The Manna Rescue Home

The Manna Rescue Home cares for approximately 30 kids all born HIV positive. The home is costly to run as we employ qualified nurses and need to ensure the children receive essential daily medicine combined with counselling and a nutritious food program.

Education and vocational skills are provided and many of the graduates have progressed to become productive members of society, facilitating their ability to assist others in a virtuous circle of compassion.

In 2009 our Managing Director undertook some consultancy work to establish the hospitality department within www.kyaningalodge.com an amazing hand-built safari lodge near Fort Portal, Western Uganda.  Whilst there he met his wife Rose, herself a graduate of the Y.E.S program, who via sponsorship had studied accountancy and had remained with the program in the capacity of accountant.  They were married in Uganda in 2011 and now reside in Bath, UK with their two daughters Elisha and Liya.

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