Temp to perm

A thoroughly modern way to recruit full-time employees whilst simultaneously reducing fees!

CSI encourage transfer of employees and never knowingly stand in the way of career progression.

Book temp staff via out website and should they prove an ideal fit simply take advantage of one of the options below to transfer them to your payroll!

Option 1 –This option entitles the client to a trial period and a proportionate refund should the candidate be unsuccessful (as per Terms & Conditions). Our standard fees and current Terms & Conditions apply in full.

Option 2 – A 20% discount of total fee. This option waives the right to trial periods, guarantees and refunds. The fee automatically becomes due in full by return.

Option 3 – Only applicable to full-time candidates (to exceed 35 hours weekly).

The flexi-worker shall remain on CSI’s payroll for a period of 14 weeks (to commence on the Monday following signed receipt of contract). This option enables the client to fully vet the flexi-worker prior to employment. On successful completion the worker will join the client’s payroll. No further fees shall be incurred.